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 Frequently Asked Questions.
Q: Which bike would you recommend for the M-185 Perimeter Tour?
A: If you’re taking the M185 Perimeter Tour, either our snazzy Cruiser or the Comfort bike will be perfect.

Q: What should I bring?
A: You should wear comfortable clothes and sturdy footwear (sneakers are best). We provide a bottle of water and rain ponchos as weather requires.

Q:  Can I customize my tour?
A: You can contact or and we’ll customize a tour for your special group.

Q: What is the typical Mackinac Island Tour experience?

A: First, you’re fitted with your bicycle, helmet, basket and accessories at the main street shop located next to Shepler’s Ferry Dock. Then off you'll go to follow the easy to read, self-guided tour map.

Q: I have small children. Can they take the tour?
A: Of course, our shop rents “trail-a-bikes”, "WeeHoo's and Burley" trailers that carry up to two children. The trailers are clean and completely safe. Many are designed to handle your car seat for carrying infants two to six months old. Feel free to call us to discuss your particular child’s needs @ 906-847-6337.
Our Mackinac Island Bike Tour Mission Statement.

The Mackinac Island Bike Boys believe that those who choose the bicycle as their mode of island transportation are expressing a commitment to themselves, their health and the island way of life.


Q: What level of rider do I need to be to take a self-guided Attractions Tour?
A: Everyone will be comfortable on the self-guided tours. All of our tours operate on paved trails or the car free streets of Mackinac Island.

Q: How long do the tours take and how far are they?
A: The Attractions Tour lasts approximately 2-1/2 hours and covers about 3 miles, but this varies by tour. We recommend the 4-hour half day rental which leaves plenty of time to explore the island and the downtown.

The M-185 Perimeter tour lasts approximately 1-1/2 hours and covers 8 miles around the island. This tour is on flat, smooth, paved highway.

Q: Which bike would you recommend for the self-guided Attractions Tour?
A: We always recommend the Comfort/Mountain bike for this tour. It comes in a 7 or 21-speed model, with a basket, fenders, high pressure tires, super comfortable upright geometry, and a big cushy seat.