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  Ride a self-guided attractions tour
  beautiful Mackinac Island.
Ride the Fringe: The M-185 Perimeter Tour   (CLICK FOR MAP)

The M-185 Perimeter Tour is an 8 mile state highway that loops around Mackinac Island’s shoreline. From start to finish, the flat, smooth asphalt road places you right between dramatic forestry and the rocky shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron with majestic views of their deep blue waters.

You’ll enjoy pristine air and the tranquility of the island at your own pace, as you ride past incredible limestone formations, trickling island streams, and numerous historic points of interest.

Suitable for all ages and riding abilities, the perimeter tour can be completed at a leisurely pace within 1-1/2 hours, including time for photo opportunities and restroom breaks along the way.


Build a Rock Cairn while on your M-185 Perimeter Tour

Rock cairns are small mounds of stones and pebbles built to mark biking and hiking trails, as a memorial to having been somewhere, or as a simple art form. Cairns can be found all over the world, from alpine regions, to barren desert and tundra, as well as coastlines.

It is traditional for each person passing by a cairn to add a stone, as a small bit of maintenance to counteract the effects of wind and weather. Often the habit is to only add to the top, and to use a smaller stone than the previous top stone, resulting in a precarious stack of tiny pebbles.

While on your M-185 perimeter tour, express yourself by building your own rock cairn. Take a photo of your cairn and share it with us. We’ll post the coolest looking cairns on this website and every month send the best design a free RIDE THE FRINGE T-shirt.

Send your photo entry via email only to:

RULES: Only submit a photo you own. Be sure to include your name, address, and email. We'll keep you updated with special email offers from time to time. Every month, we'll pick the best looking design and send the winner a free Ride The Fringe T-shirt.
Mackinac Island Bike Shop is your headquarters for great bike rentals for an enjoyable riding experience while on your self-guided attractions tours.

These tours are free and appropriate for all ages. If you can ride a bike, you can take the tour and will experience a relaxing pace while riding a top quality bike fitted for your safety, size and comfort.

Attractions Tour  (CLICK FOR MAP)

This adventurous tour is an “immersive experience” that takes you where no other island tour can! Great for bike enthusiasts of all ages, the attractions tour covers approximately 3 miles and can be completed at a leisurely pace within 2-1/2 hours, including time for photo opportunities and restroom breaks along the way. Once you’ve completed the loop, simply ride back to our bike shop, or feel free to continue exploring the island and historic downtown area.

We recommend our 4 hour half day rental which
gives you plenty of time to complete the self-guided tour, stop and visit area attractions, and see all of Mackinac Island’s exciting points of interest.

You'll ride to all of these great attractions:

 Littlestone Church  Skull Cave
 Grand Golf Course  Sugar Loaf
 West Bluff Lookouts  Arch Rock
 Governor's Residence  Fort Mackinac
 Island Cemeteries  East Bluff Lookouts

Bring your camera. Photo stops and restroom breaks are provided along the way!